The Rescue Rangers

    The Rescue Rangers was an animated television series by the Walt Disney Company, premiering in the late 1980's (around Feb 1989 on the Disney Channel) and continued its run through the Disney Afternoon until it moved to the Disney Channel in the fall of 1993. This is one of many pages devoted to their exploits and adventures.

    All images and text may be distributed, if your little heart desires to, so long as nothing is modified and credit is given to the Matt Plotecher (egotistical little runt, isn't he?), and it is used merely for entertainment purposes.

Herein lies the acre of artwork, m'lad
    Ranging from acrylic paintings, to pencil sketches, and computer imaging, my works from the past four years or so are all housed here. Due to this page having grown waaaaaay past my ability to keep it from scrolling on down three miles into the Earth's crust, I've since split things up into a bit more organizational format. Each entry has a description next to it, in case any of you are new to the world of Ranger fan works online. Hard to believe, I know.
General Illustrations
These are the basic drawings and images that I've made, mostly just for fun, and basically is where the pictures go that don't directly fit into one of the other bins. 
Character & Story Illustrations
Scenes & characters from works by myself and others, as well as characters from the series. 
Covers That Never Were. This section is for my oldest personal series of drawings featuring the Rangers & company.
The Heart Gallery
My second, shorter series of the Rangers.
The Hackwrench Swimsuit Accessory Issue
I was going through some of the various Gadget pictures on the 'Net, and I was reminded how utterly out of character a number of people had drawn Gadget, in that she's almost always dressed in skimpy bikini's and other revealing swimwear. The result of this musing was that I wondered, "If Gadget was designing swimsuits (or more appropriately, accessories), what kinds of things would she be likely to design?" Well, here's what I came up with.
Pull up a chair, and fire up the ol' imagination
    While none of my works will likely ever top a bestseller list (mainly due to the fact that they'll probably never see the light of print), I love the characters too much to give it up. Hope you enjoy my stories as much as I did while writing them.
Stories based directly out of the original series. The major difference between these and the CDNRR series is that none of these significantly alter the Ranger's universe, same as each episode from the actual series.
Chip Noir Dale's Rescue Rangers
My own take of the Rangers world, starting where the series left off. I have (attempted) to maintain the staples of the show; mystery and adventure. The Noir bit is in homage to the classic film genre, as the CDNRR have their own brand of "darkness." 
Ranger Science Theater 3000
A shameless rip-off of "Mystery Science Theater 3000", this has Chip, Dale, and Monterey Jack in the theater with Foxglove and Gadget as the Mads. Zipper plays the appropriate role of Cambot.

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These pages, and all artwork and written work contained herein, is maintained and copyrighted (c) 1997-2003 by Matt Plotecher. Rescue Rangers and all the characters from that series are copyrighted by the Walt Disney Company and used here without permission. Everything on this page is intended for entertainment use only. Always carry a potato in case of emergency.