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 Bedbugs -- A short story about some late night visitors...

 Chariots of Fur  --  A more light-hearted tale, Monterey involves Chip and Dale in a track meet to beat an old adversary. His methods are far from perfect, however...

 Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers - The Movie: Somemouse To Watch Over Me  --  My first ever fanfic attempt that was put out over the internet. Realizing that Disney was not about to make a Movietoon of them anytime soon, I decided to fix that. Script.

 There and Back...AGAIN?  -- The Rangers meet another well-known Disney crimefighter...This was inspired after reading that the Darkwing Duck episode "Twitching Channels" was supposed to be a crossover between DW and RR. It's a long story, so be warned. It's also been HTMLized, for your convenience. (I think...)

 Trite Fright Night  --  Script. Dale weaves a tale of utter terror. Sorta.

Chip Noir Dale's Rescue Rangers

 Fly to the Light  --  "Wishes may bring problems, such that you regret them. Better that, though, than to never get them..." -- Into the Woods

 Plots  --  The follow-up to "Fly to the Light". A present case brings Chip's past back.

 Swarm  --  There comes a time in the course of Insecta events....

 Color Me Confused  -- Sometimes, carnival workers just aren't all that easy to figure out.

 Wedding Bells Will Chime; Death Knells Shall Clang  --  With a title like that, what more needs to be said?

 My Dinner with Monty  -- Monterey Jack shows off his refined elegance and diplomacy skills all at once.

 Payback  --  The Rangers get a visit from an old "friend" of theirs, as well as some new ones. And if that isn't vague enough, I don't know what is.

 Homefront  -- In this nicely pointless story, the Rangers take a trip over to meet Chip's parents, only to undercover a plot to... well, you wouldn't believe me if I told you, so just read it.

Ranger Science Theater 3000
Mystery Science Theater 3000, starring the Rangers as the unfortunate viewers. Gadget's latest experiment....

 Dial 'O' for Oddimals -- A group of new characters meet up with the Tiny Toons cast. Served with the short spam message, "Attention all Home Owners!". This is the first of the series.

 NEED CASH? READ NOW! -- The Rangers return fire on a spam message that managed to worm its way onto their message board.

 The Return of Love's Labor Lost -- A Darkwing Duck fanfic, dealing with the Posiverse in the future. Also with the short of "STOP SUFFERING from LOW BACK PAIN!".

 When A Mantis Loves a Woman  -- The Rangers get to suffer-- er, sit through a more, ah, "mature" story than normal. Has the short of, "MEMBERS! NEW LOW PRICING PLAN!". This one is rated PG for the more "mature" (and I use that term loosely) aspects of the tale.

 Candidate Goof  --  This time, it's a Goofy Movie/Goof Troop fanfic for the captives of the Tree of Quarantine (TOQ).


 A Fly from Heaven -- Parody of "Fly from Heaven". A song for Zipper.

 C-N-D-R-R -- Parody of "S-E-X-X-Y". Just another fan anthem.

 Crash Into Trees -- Parody of "Crash Into Me". Chip and Dale express their feelings for Gadget during a crash-landing.

 Dale's Ode to Foxglove  -- Parody of "I Only Wanna Be With You". Dale gives a serenade to Foxy, as only Dale can.

 Golly! Golly! Golly! -- Parody of "Lolly, lolly, lolly". The jingle for Gadget's new store.

 Mice In Black  --  Parody of "Men In Black". What if the Rangers returned in a new TV series?

 No Plan -- Parody of "No Rain". Dale's view on how he runs his life.

 Rangers' Cast  -- Parody of "Monster Rap". Something I wrote for the Rangers' 10th anniversary.

 Ranger's Coffeehouse  -- Parody of "Star Wars Cantina", which is a parody itself of "Coba Cabana" by Barry Manilowe. A tune for the Ranger's Coffeehouse, where characters of all the different fanfic universes can mingle and meet.

 The Old Aircraft  -- Parody of "The Old Apartment". Not quite a "funny" parody, as Gadget visits her old home.

 Theme for R.O.A.R.  -- Parody of "Right Now" by Van Halen. Theme for the R.O.A.R. effort.

 Theme for the Nowakverse  -- Parody of "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from the MuLan film. I was reading the MiSTing of "Under the Bridge" (see below) and ran across the short bit John had written for Part Three, and the tune stuck in my head until I wrote my own version.

Other Writings
Standard MiSTings of other Ranger fanfics (done with permission), and some short tidbits that I've written as fun blurbs for message boards and other public forums.

 The Standard Nuthead Reply Form -- A take off of the classic "The Standard Bonehead Reply Form" from a few years ago. This one deals Ranger-related Internet topics, such as the message board, websites, and fan work.

 MiSTing of "Under the Bridge" -- John Nowak's excellent tale of the Rangers is actually put to the test by Joel and the Bots from MST3K. John himself was basically the head writer for this MiST, so it's safe to say that the original author had a sense of humor about his work.

 Part One
 Part Two
 Part Three
 Part Four
 Part Five
 Part Six
 Part Seven
 Part Eight
 Part Nine
 Part Ten

 MiSTing of "The Dark Savior Saga" -- Stephen Stone offered this up as a candidate for a MiST, so John and I sat down and came up with the following work; as everyone's favorite doctor once said, "Hmm... a tread is developing."

 Part One
 Part Two
 Part Three
 Part Four

 MiSTing of "Caretaker" -- Rachel S. Helvey also offered up her romance tale to John and myself; being the lovely southern belle that she is, how could we say no?

 Part One
 Part Two
 Part Three
 Part Four

 MiSTing of "Dale goes nuts!"  -- Yet another Chip n' Dale's Rescue Rangers fanfic which was offered up to John and myself, this one concerning Foxglove and the political and intricate workings of beauty pageants.

 A Drunken Chip  -- On one of the messageboards, the quick topic of Chip getting drunk came up. Most of the scenes outlined were depressing (naturally), so I thought I'd write a small scene that was more in tune with the series.

 A Trailer for "Swarm"  -- My Media Studies nature got the better of me, so I went ahead a wrote a trailer for the fanfic listed above, "Swarm".

 Pointless Ad  -- Inspired by the Discovery.com commercials a short while ago, I whipped this one up one night on a whim.

 A Trailer for Payback  --  I liked "Payback" enough to make a modest trailer for it, too.

Some links to other, more slick pages of the Rangers:

The Internet Gadget Archive -- Perhaps the first major page, loaded with images from the series, fanart, and fanfiction.

Rescue Ranger Homepage -- A good solid place for links throughout the ether, although a good number are outdated and/or broken..

Everything Rescue Ranger -- Like the title implies, this is page has everything about the Rangers on it--Ads, series info, a fan work section, merchandise info, etc. Sadly, it seems to have settled into a somewhat "settled" state, but there's still enough to keep you busy for days.

Mooncrystal! -- Perhaps the most "intimate" site I've seen with the Rangers. Very delicate, and a more romantic look at them as a whole, seen through the fanart and fanfiction present.

Welcome to DAFT! -- Disney Afternoon File Time. This is the central hub of the long-standing DAFT empire. This page holds the most recent mailouts of Disney Afternoon files (pictures, stories, screengrabs, etc.), and also has the links to the Disney Afternoon Webring, as well as both of the DAFT Archives, which house about everything that's come out over this list since its inception many, many moons ago.

The RRDatabase -- Looking for the name of a particular fanfic? And where it's at? Or looking for a piece of fanart? Try here.

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